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Christchurch Concrete Driveway Services

We provide high-quality concrete driveway services for commercial needs. The specifications and requirements for commercial concrete driveways are stricter considering the large, heavy trucks, and other vehicles that regularly use them. This is why we only use the best quality of materials source from the best Concrete Suppliers in Canterbury. We understand that every city has its own requirements for commercial driveways specifications and our professionals will handle this with expertise.

We use our extensive experience in building commercial driveways in Christchurch to provide the best services possible for our clients. Contact us today to get your free estimate.

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Top Consideration for Commercial Driveway

We build at least 6 inches of concrete for commercial driveways using aggregate base material and fully compacted. Excavation for driveways needs to be based on the depth of concrete, plus 6 inches more to accommodate the base. We will always asses the condition of your location and your lot to ensure the best way to approach the project.

A reinforcement layer of wire mesh, rebar, or metal bars will also be installed above the base layer to prevent cracks and premature damage.

We check local zoning and codes to ensure the commercial driveways we built are compliant with state and city regulations. 

We will also place expansion joints when concrete slabs touch fixed objects like foundations, street curbs, and many more. We also take check the weather and take precaution when the humidity is high or when the weather is too cold, as it may have adverse effect on the concrete.

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