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If you are in need of an expert in concrete driveway repair and installation in Christchurch Canterbury, you’ve found the right place. We handpick natural materials you will find within each of our individual concrete mixes. Hence, we can design your driveway that expresses your own unique style and character.

We provide excellent concreting services for both residential and commercial driveways. From laying down normal concrete, brushing or imprinting, or install road bricks in Canterbury, we’ve got you covered.

Our service is available for normal concrete driveways, garage floors, and shed bays. We offer bespoke services where you choose whether you want float finish, tamped finish, or brushed finish. We offer all interesting finishes for your driveway. Speak to us today so we can give you a quick and free estimate for laying your concrete.


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Why Choose Us

As part of our commitment, we provide free quotation for clients who want to avail our concrete driveway services. Whether you’re a home handman, large scale operator, or a homeowner simply wanting to revitalize your home aesthetic, we’re here to help.


Our contractors and employees have knowledge, skills, and experience in pouring and mixing cement. For many years, we have been working with various driveways in Christchurch. Our years in service speaks volumes when it comes to quality and quantity of services we offer. Our extensive experience have made helped know more about the ins and outs of the entire concreting process. 

Knowledge and Skills

 All of our on-site contractors have undergone rigid training in concreting. Before anyone is sent off for work, each is trained and certified to do the job, including efficient use of machinery, materials, and the different types of concrete that can be applied to your job. We have complete certification and insurance to conduct the right job for every client.


You can trust our contractors be proactive in communicating progress and issues. We believe that communication and collaboration is key to a successful concrete project. Hence, we engage our customers in every step of the process.


We always do our best to finish projects according to the agreed timeline. Our contractors are very energetic and enthusiastic. We are always willing to take on any job, whether small or big.  Moreover, you can tryst our concrete materials to be of the highest quality sourced only from trusted brands and manufacturers in the construction industry.

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What We Offer

Concrete driveway installation

Concreting your driveway is a great move to preserve the path where your vehicles often pass. Using only industry-approved standards, our concreting methods and materials helps increase longevity of your driveway.

Concrete driveway repair

We offer fast setting concrete repair mix to fix broken concrete. Call us if you see signs that your driveway needs repair such as having holes, cracking, or breaking. Cracks less than ¼ inches should be repaired immediately before it becomes a bigger issue.

Concrete driveway replacement

Replace your aged driveway and make it looking brand new with our driveway replacement. We offer various design option, including an integral colour, complicated stamped concrete patio, or stamped driveway, or stained design. The choice is yours.

Concrete Patios and Pathways

We offer concreting for patios and pathways to get rid of muds. Our contractors are available at all times for advice around your specific requirements. When you need concrete patios and pathways, call us today.

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Signs That You Need a New Driveway

Don’t know whether a new concreted driveway is timely enough? Know the signs when you need a new driveway for your home or business.


Cracks – Don’t let cracks become a bigger issue. Cracks are common among driveways that are often used. If the crack is far and wide apart, it is likely too big to repair. Contact us so we can give it a look and recommend the best solution for your driveway.


Drainage – Are you having drainage problems?  Maybe it’s time to check your driveway.

When your driveway is uneven or not sloped properly, it can lead to insufficient drainage. Sign of poor drainage can include small pools forming in one multiple areas. Excess water can also lead to small pools forming in multiple areas throughout your driveways. Don’t wait until it is too late. Have a new driveway installed and built with us.


Potholes – Regular wear and tear can create mud holes or pot holes in your driveway. While it may seem like a simple problem at the beginning, it can be rough on your car. You could imagine how inconvenient it is to avoid the pothole every day. If your driveway has too many potholes, the best way to remedy the situation is to have a new driveway installed.

Area we cover:

We provide Christchurch and Rolleston, Canterbury.   Our concrete and paving solution is available for ever home and business in need of concrete and asphalt works. From concreting your driveway, including pool area and other concrete repairs, sealing, and reconstruction – we’ve got you covered.


  • Superior value for workmanship and service
  • Broad scope of concrete driveway works
  • Passionate and adept concrete specialists
  • Up-to-date with the latest trends

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of concrete mix should be used?

The type of concrete that will be used for your driveway depends on variety of factors. We will consider your special request and the condition of your location, as well as how often the driveway will be used to recommend the best concrete mix.

How thick should a concrete driveway be?

The thickness of your driveway will require a minimum of 4 inches from the group. Concrete driveways that support oversized loads should be 5 inches thick.

Should there be reinforcement in my driveway?

We often use steel reinforcement to contain cracks. But first we will have to assess the size and materials needed for your driveway before we can recommend the best reinform cent to be used.


What should the surface texture be on the driveway?
The best surface for driveway should be slip resistance so you can choose from broom finish or bricks. Colored and stamp concrete is also ideal to achieve a particular appeal.

What provision can be made to avoid cracks?
Concrete can wear and tear over time. It may sustain cracks if big trucks pass to it or when the concrete mix is not high quality.  This is why we ensure that the design, thickness, construction, and materials used for the driveway are proper to prevent premature damage.

Concrete can become susceptible to cracking for several reasons, some of which are inherent and unavoidable. This type of cracking rarely affects the driveway’s structural integrity or life cycle. The leading culprit of cracking is improper design and construction practices; however, proper joint spacing is also a contributing factor.

Cost of concrete per square metre?

The cost of concrete per square metre will be calculated based on the size and thickness of your required driveway. Give us a call today so we can talk about your project and we will gladly give you a free estimate.

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